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Application Instructions

Instructions to Submit an Application

Gather your materials before beginning the online application

Applications will only be accepted by submission through this website. Applicants should assemble their materials before beginning the application as they will not be allowed to save their progress on this website. The system times out after 20 minutes on non-activity/non-input, and applicants will need to start over and re-enter the requested information if they have not yet submitted their application. Applicants should not use the browser's "Back" and "Forward" buttons while completing the application.

The application form is divided into two sections.

Section One

The first section seeks to capture the applicant's demographic and contact information, proposed timeframe, university affiliation, and contact information of key university personnel, as well as the RTI sponsor and business unit.

Information requested:

  • University/School
  • Department
  • Department Chair / email
  • Department Grants Manager / email
  • University Grants Director / email
  • Department Business Manager / email
  • RTI Sponsor / email / Business unit
  • Visa sponsorship information (if applicable)

Section Two

In the second section, applicants must provide:

  • Budget proposal, including salary, fringe fixed health insurance, supplies, other/publication costs, and RTI additional internal support
  • One PDF file that combines their project description, two letters of support, and CV. Please ensure that the first three materials (description and 2 letters of support) do not exceed 8 pages; there is no length limit for the CV. All of these materials should be included in the single PDF file to be uploaded.

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